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"John is incredibly easy to work with, explains your options clearly, and delivers a great product."

Andrew Tarvin, Humor that Works

Simple, user-friendly, productive: exactly what an app should be.

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Get inspired by Scripture. Mood Verse for iPhone and Amazon.

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Mood Verse App Icon

Mood Verse

A playful iPhone app aiming to change your mood through scripture.

iPhone Amazon
Perfect Day App Icon

Perfct Day

Create daily habits that lead to lifelong change.

iPhone Android
Calories Left App Icon

Calories Left

An app for all calorie-counters wondering what to eat with their remaining calories.

iPhone Android
Get Buckets App Icon

Get Buckets

A free puzzle game to test your wits. Can you Get Buckets?

Hours Worked App Icon

Hours Worked

A feature packed app to answer a simple question: How many hours have I worked?

iPhone Chrome
DMS to Decimal App Icon

DMS to Decimal

Convert latitude and longitude from degrees, minutes, seconds to Decimal.

RGB App Icon

RGB to Hex

Convert RGB color value to Hexadecimal.

ODOT Location Finder App Icon

ODOT Location Finder

Find your exact mile marker on Ohio's roadways.

iPhone Android

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